Enabling predictive maintenance for the energy sector

14 Mar 2024 | Articles, Partnership

It’s great to see our partners The National Subsea Centre get featured in this month’s Fish Farmer Magazine.

SeaFlo Consultancy appreciate NSC mentioning us in their article “Deep Insights”;

“Integrated Energy programme, which explores the integration of traditional and alternative energy sources; and the Asset Digital Twin Lab, in partnership with SeaFlo Consultancy, to enable “predictive maintenance” (in contrast to “reactive maintenance”) for the energy sector.

For the latter in particular, it is easy to see that the lessons learned could be applied to, for example, maintenance programmes for fish farming installations.

And that may be the key lesson from the Subsea Expo – energy operators, salmon farmers and many other sectors may be able to benefit from the same pool of technology and expertise. ”  

Read the full article on pages 42 to 45 below 👇


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